Walls alive

Graffiti are there, on the walls, almost everywhere without knowing very well why. Each day expanding uncontrollably from the outskirts to the city centres and most of the time without permission of the authorities. Excluded by global and with the paradox of having found a place even in the best museums.

Whichever way, they establish a dialogue (but at the same time a monologue) with their surroundings, sometimes friendly, other times raging and provoking. Sometimes they want to speak to us, transmit something with more or less art, sometimes they spit at us with an undecipherable and challenging scribbling.

This project is about life that boils moves or is installed around them, some that I have been able to find and with the ones I have been able to usderstand. That is why in these photographs it es strange to present the graffiti alone; moreover, they will be accompanied by people or other creatures passing by or next to something they are related to, complemented by or opposite to. Also some fragments or details of graffiti (removed from their origin they still make some sense) as well as a series of portraits next to them.

It obvious that the intention of this project has not simply been to document. In quite a few of them, not even their colours have been respected. They have been manipulated by the camera to turn into monocromes. Thanks to black & white, grafiti become doubly anonymous but at he same time they have a tendency to harmonize and create brotherhood as parts of the same great family.

Anyway, these prographs invite you to approach those walls to see if this way, somehow stylish, at least some of them can say something to you that is not necessarily a sharp remark.

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