I work as a secondary school teacher at a state school in Spain, and part of my free time is dedicated to photography.

I became interested in photography a few years before digital photography appeared. I taught myself to begin with, but some years later I started learning on courses, attending phtographic exhibitions and becoming as well interested in the history of photography, it was then when I became more involved. Apart from taking photographs I also like the traditional laboratory, wtih which I have carried on. All my work so far has been analogic and mostly in black & white. It is hard for me to conceive photography without being involved in the whole process, from the taking to the production of the copy and also the preparation of the projects, because I undertand it to be half way between craftmanship and art.

My projects and series normally evolve from something that has drawn my attention and it ends up suggesting an idea. These ideas are not born in my head but in my view of the word and its surroundings. It is due to this reason that many of my series, if so, are unclosed. I prefer leaving them open so they can evolve depending on my own look.


Formative curriculum.

As an amateur photographer since 1998, I began attending intenvsive training courses three years later.

 -- Beginners' course on photography and traditional laboratory at a a state teacher training school. Elche. Course 2001.

 -- Photography and traditional laboratory course in the Association of Fine Arts. Elche. Course 2002-03.

 -- Avanced course of photography and laboratory in the Townhall of Guardamar del Segura. Course 2003-04.

 -- Diploma in Visual Arts: Photography and Creative Action. University Miguel Hernández. Elche. Courses 2007-09.

Artistic curriculum.

  -- Edition of postcards for the Townhall of Elche celebrating the City's Rural Festival in 2005.

  -- Illustration of two publications (numbers 57 and 76) of the Archipiélago magazine, with 20 photographs in each


  -- Sale of photography in a contest held by the Townhall of Mutxamel. 2008.

  -- Sale of photography in a contest held by the Townhall of Mutxamel. 2010.

Individual Exhibitions. 

   -- “Murs Vius: Prosa i poesia del graffiti”. Miguel Hernández University. Elche. 2008.

   -- “Joaquín el Rellotger”. Townhall of Santa Pola. 2009.

   -- “Marruecos: rastros y rostros”. Sala Lloc d’Art. Elche. 2009.

   -- “Muros Vivos. Una re-creación fotográfica del graffiti”. Center of Exhibitions Castle of Santa Pola. 2011.

   -- “Vagamundo”. Sala Artería. Elche. 2012.

   -- "Figuras en el plano". Söda Bar. Alicante. 2012.

   -- "Camp d'Elx, Mutaciones". Centro Cultural L'Escorxador. Elche. 2015.

Colective Exhibitions.

   -- “Urbano espacio Humano”. Center of Exhibitions Castle of Santa Pola. 2009.

   -- "Proyecto Víbora 2". Cultural Center of L'Escorxador. Elche. 2015.

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